Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket - Fractal Geo

I've seen these Rumpl blankets for some time in my Instagram feed. I've always been interested, especially since I sleep on the colder side in my bag. I just never could fully justify the $129.00 price tag. After all, my first sleeping bag only cost me $140.00, and that was for a full bag! But one fateful day I wondered in my local REI and noticed this particular blanket was on sale. I just so happened to have a dividend of $71 that I applied to the final cost. So in total I only paid $10. A steal? Maybe...

How I used it.

Immediately after purchasing the bag we headed to the mountains of North Carolina for an early fall camping trip. Temperatures never got lower than 60 degrees at night so there was no need to use my full sleeping bag. Instead I used my original bag as a cushion and slept under my Rumpl blanket. The blanket was very effective in keeping me warm during the night. However the only potential negative being the slipper fabric on both sides of the blanket. It moved around during the night slightly more than I would have like but was comfortable none the less. I also feel in this case any blanket would have worked well, so maybe the extra spend is not necessary in Fall like temperatures? But what about colder weather? Ah-hah!

My second time using this blanket was on my most recent trip to the Rockies. The weather got down to 11 degrees at some points during the trip and I made sure this blanket was always in my daypack. On day 3 of our trip we decided to hike up to Dream Lake, have lunch, take some photos and head back. Once we reached Dream Lake the temps plunged and it began to snow. I still had a few photos I needed to take so I pulled out my blanket for my Mom to use while she patiently waited for me to finish. She was able to eventually warm up with the blanket until we got back on the trail to head out. I also used the blanket at night in our camper van. All sites in the Rockies don't come with electric hookup or water. So on colder nights we were really reliant on our bags to keep us warm. Due to me giving my mom my true cold weather bag I used my Rumpl bag along with my 19 degree bag, and a Nalgene water bottle full of hot water each night. I did notice a major improvement of the warmth of my legs/feet when covering my bag with the blanket. I was able to stay warm & comfortable in temps below 20 degrees.


The blanket packs down great! I primarily will store it in it's original bag, though that bag is not very waterproof or a true stuff sack. When I find myself trying to save space I will pack this blanket along with my bag in a separate stuff sack. Due to it's light weight and pack-ability it always fits along with my bag as a second quilt for colder temperatures. I'm also able to stuff it in the bottom of my daypack for any quick trips in cold weather.


The texture of the bag is very similar, if not identical to your standard sleeping bag. Which may be a pro or con when it comes to durability. I've taken it on a few day trips where it's been used as ... a blanket (duh), the blanket for our picnic, and the area for us to lay down our gear so our cameras didnt get dirty. So far it's been used on rocks, dirt, and pulled across tree stumps. I have yet to notice any tears or snags, so I give it a thumbs up so far on durability.

Worth it?

I think grabbing this bag at a discount is your best option. However, if you live in a colder region or will be buying this for winter use then you won't be disappointed. It really is like having a second bag option on those colder nights and can help you original bag trap more of your body heat. I HATE having cold legs and feet when I camp and this really improved my comfort overnight.

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