I’ve been working to speak up for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors for YEARS. When my dad passed getting outdoors saved me. It was then that I realized that I wanted to help more black and brown people to get past the stigma that “we don’t hike/camp/spend time outside” and experience the healing power of mother natch. I want to do my part to support others in the BIPOC community find their place in the outdoors. I hope my photography encourages the next little brown girl or boy to feel comfortable in the outdoors. To SEE that they belong.

How brands can do their part.

Hire (and PAY) more creatives of color! Far too often I receive requests from companies with unfair ambassador agreements that are frequently balanced in favor of them, and not me. Or where they want me to provide free labor in giving my testimony on racial injustice I've experienced outdoors. With that being all they think I can contribute.

At the end of the day, I'm a Black woman but I've also been working in the creative space for 10 years. I'm a designer, a photographer, an imaginative thinker. I'm just not one thing I am made up of many parts. I am working on changing the very homogenous campaigns that often make up outdoor ad campaigns, magazine covers, and marketing.

I work damn hard to produce high quality campaigns for all of my clients. My work speaks for itself & I look forward to working with brands like yours.

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